Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

Updates, LDR, Valentine's Day, Streaming

Hello guys!

Yes, it's been pretty dead lately again here but I really had no time to blog at all
because, yes finally, my boyfriend came over to visit me, yeyy!:D

Yep, I've never really talked about it on my blog but I'm in a long distance relationship
for about half a year or something, so quite some time up until now
(even though it doesn't feel that long to my boyfriend and me somehow) 
and we finally had the chance to meet this month!:)

To start from the beginning, we've known each other for around 1 1/2 - 2y already,
so quite some time but we've never had feelings for each other
and we didn't even really talk regularly.
We got along really well but it was only some chit-chat once in a while.
Half a year ago we started talking again and somehow didn't stop since then x'D
We fell for each other, feeling kinda stupid not noticing earlier and yeh,
we are a perfect match I'd say. :)
Since then there was not a single day that we haven't been talking or videochatting
and meeting this month was seriously the best time I've ever had!

We are having a long distance relationship from Portugal, where he is living,
to Germany, where I'm living and he seriously jumped into a plane
and visited me for two weeks over Valentine's Day!

I know some may take long distance relationship not that serious, but we do.
We've known each other for quite some time already to notice this is real
and since meeting we are 100% sure, this is it.

Right now to be honest, I miss him like crazy.
Of course we still talk and videochat every single day
but there are these little things we just can't do right now.
You kinda develop some habits when you're together with your partner.
But we'll just stay patient until we meet again and luckily
we already know when we're going to meet again.
Having a plan and having somehow a countdown until we can see each other again
makes this all a lot easier and he is worth every single second waiting!

And we know all this is only temporary. We won't be apart forever. 
Some day there will be only a one-way ticket and knowing that makes this all worth it!:)

I was so lucky to be able to spend our first Valentine's Day together
and even though it was not perfectly planned
(we went ice skating and wanted to go eat dinner after but all the restos were totally full 
and we ended up eating Pizza xDDDDD) it was still perfect to us. :)
Being able to spend it together and having all these sweet memories together,
I honestly tear up while typing x'D!
And all the pictures showing that it really happened, it's just the best feeling ever!

Through him I also somehow found myself again.
While being in my final year, everything that was in my head was school, school, school.
I honestly had no hobbies anymore, nothing and after the final year ended
I found myself not being able to be interested in anything anymore
or finding anything that catches my interest.
He made me find all these things again and through him I found out,
not did I like gaming A LOT (I just simply had no time at all anymore 'cause of school),
I also fell in love with streaming!:)

He somehow made me to the person I am today and here I find myself
finally knowing where I want to go and where I want to end up some day. :)
I am so grateful for all the time he makes for me, all the times he made me laugh
and was by my side when I was crying, all the times he had my back.
He makes me feel completely safe (and I hope I give him the same feeling xD).

If you want to catch me streaming, 
I am soon going to buy a new computer so I can stream properly over my computer. :)
I've been streaming over the PS4 because my laptop is just not made for streaming
(neither for gaming lol) but soon that will change!:)
I'd love it if you'd stop by on one of my streams soon on !:)
Check out my channel to see which games I play :).
I may not stream regularly these days but I will once I finally got my new computer!:D
I am so excited about it!x'D

So yeh, that was pretty much what happened this month and what I am going to do soon. :)
Thanks for still stopping by here even though I've been pretty much dead!XD
That will change!:) (I know, I say that every time, but it really will x'D)

Have a nice day and a great start into the new week!:)

Lots of love,
Merce <3

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Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Where have I been all this time?

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been active for like around 100 years (at least that's how long it feels to me lol), I just really really needed a break from all this online stuff, messaging apps and all that included.
It felt really really nice for some time actually but I feel like I just gotta make a post about this now so people on here know that my blog still is active and that it's not dead on here, I definitely will real soon make blogentries again!:)

I'm sorry, I'm only going to post this entry in English for now. :)

Still, even if it's around a week too late, happy new year to all of you! I hope you spent it nice, doesn't matter if it was with family or your friends, I hope you spent it with loved ones and may you achieve all your goals in 2016!:)
It actually feels really weird to me to type 2016, I still gotta get used to that x'D

My year started pretty nice and even though this year I didn't go out with my friends, it was actually the happiest new year to me that I've ever had. :)
I just feel really really blessed and I hope that no matter where you are right now, if you're having a tough time right now, it won't always be like that, trust me!
Good times will come, you just gotta keep walking, they will come!:)

I'm also going to stream real soon again which I also haven't been doing for way too long so if you're up for some fun streams of PS4 games be sure to stop by on my Twitch channel and/or leave me a follow there!:)

As always, all my social media links are at the end of every blogentry. :)

Have a nice day and stay tuned for more blogentries coming!
Lots of love to all of you!
xoxo, Merce

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Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Pinky Paradise Black Friday 50% Sale!

Hello guys!

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